Repatriation/Disposition Process


In 2022, Michigan State University completed and adopted a University-wide NAGPRA Policy, which can be viewed here (pdf). *Please note that as of February 2024, the policy has been updated to reflect the updated regulations that went into effect in January of 2024. The updated policy will be posted shortly.**

We follow the federal repatriation process, which you can read more about in this Quick Guide (PDF) from the National NAGPRA program.

Per our NAGPRA Policy, Michigan State University has put in place a moratorium on research on any potentially NAGPRA eligible collections. You can view the moratorium here: Moratorium Memo (PDF).

NAGPRA Advisory Committee

Michigan State University's NAGPRA Advisory Committee assists with the implementation of the NAGPRA Policy (pdf) and the handling of NAGPRA-related matters across the university. The committee currently consists of the following individuals:

  • Kristin Arola, Interim Director of American Indian and Indigenous Studies 
  • Stacey Camp, Director of MSU Campus Archaeology Program
  • Todd Fenton, Chair, Department of Anthropology
  • Kevin Leonard, Interim Director of the Native American Institute
  • Jennie Rankin, Records Manager, University Archives & Historical Collections
  • Michael Stamm, Chair. Department of History
  • Rachel Vargas, Registrar, Broad Art Museum
  • Mary Worrall, Director of Collections, MSU Museum
  • Jessica Yann, NAGPRA Program Manager

Ex Officio Members

  • Judith Stoddart, Vice Provost, University Collections and Arts
  • Laura McCabe, Associate Vice President for Research Regulatory Support


If you are interested in additional information regarding Michigan State University's repatriation process, please contact Dr. Jessica Yann or Dr. Judith Stoddart; you can find their contact information here: Contact Us.